Asser Yassin

An Egyptian actor, writer and film producer. He has been awarded Best Actor for several of his works. Throughout his acting marathon, Yassin has been part of many reputable films. With increased exposure and continuous hard work, Yassin landed some highly applauded roles to prove his skill and establish himself as a serious actor in the Egyptian film industry, and became a box office name.

Who are the most stylish men in film in your opinion?

Omar Sharif. Ryan Gosling. Paul Newman.

Any up-and-coming actors in Egypt to watch out for?

We’re enjoying a time where lots of Egyptian actors are emerging, including myself. Cinema always generates and recycles itself. Whoever establishes themselves now will be the future star on screen for some time.

Tell me about 24 hours in the life of Asser Yassin.

I’m someone who doesn’t get bored. Boredom for me is dangerous. For example, if I work out, I never do the same routine everyday. I work out in the morning around 8am. I take my son to the nursery first and then go to the gym.
Then maybe paint or sculpt; nowadays I’m always working on something – I’m currently learning to play the drums for a role, and typically I have at least one script to work on. I also travel a lot, so that keeps me busy.
I’ve been painting for about a year. In a few years I might have an exhibition. I’m mostly interested in abstract painting. I like mixing mediums; charcoal, acrylic, and pastels. I love working with charcoal. I also use clay from the Nile for sculptures. It’s the best material you can use for sculpting.
I’m a family man so spend a lot of time with the kids – when my son finishes nursery for the day we spend a lot of time together.

When writing a script, where do you work?

When I try and dedicate time to just writing, I don’t write. Inspiration comes when I’m moving around and travelling and meeting people. Whenever I’m in motion or action - that’s when my mind is most stimulated.
I feel my most creative when travelling – seeing new things stimulates a motion, a feel, a sense, instead of being limited. I love trains for this reason. Getting inspired this way is also indicative of my family - my great uncle is a famous writer and a socialist.

What are your favourite pieces from the Concrete collection?

I love the colours, the tone of the pieces. It’s something you can wear anywhere – it would suit you in Europe and suit you in the Middle East. The clothes don’t look too European or ‘out there’ in terms of style. I love wearing Concrete because style-wise it defines the Egyptian man.

What is emerging in Egyptian fashion?

There is a great art movement evolving in Egypt, from fashion to art, to graphic design, to music: everything.
Now that there’s an increase in arts creation, fashion is affected by this. Lately individuals are opening up their own lines and brands, it’s fantastic.
We all used to wear Concrete when we were kids – there weren’t any other brands. I love that it’s a local Egyptian brand – Egyptian taste and craft. You have both grown up together, so there is that element of trust.
I am proud of this brand. I think it would be easy for Concrete to be internationally acclaimed.

What is in your day-to-day wardrobe? Any staple items you can’t live without?

White shirts. Blazers. Belts. We have a lot of good coastlines for sailing and boats, so it’s always good to have a hat. I like having a certain jacket for a season. I have a relationship with everything I buy.