Aly Mazhar

An entrepreneur by day and an Athlete and Head Coach by night, Aly Mazhar is the founder of BeFit Egypt the Health & Fitness industry leader in Egypt.

He comes with an extensive athletic background as an ex-professional footballer in the Egyptian National Team.  Currently, he's known to be one of Egypt's finest Athletes and Nike's Brand Ambassadors. Holding certification of CrossFit L1, L2, and Weightlifting.

Mazhar has graduated from Rutgers University, NJ with a bachelor degree in Finance and have worked as an Investment Banker at EFG Hermes and later as a Financial Analyst at GE.

What are your top tips for staying cool under pressure?

Believing that you’ve really prepared for what you are getting into. Knowing yourself very well deep inside, know what you’re doing well. When it's game time, you have to channel all your energy and focus to the task in hand. 

Where do you usually train outdoors in Egypt?

I usually train at BeFit and I like going around trying new places and using whatever nature provides. I like going to the beach and park to train – going around and exploring things.

Do you have a favourite beach you go to?

I go to the North Coast a lot; I train there all summer. It’s my favourite place at that time of the year.

Tell us about your average working day.

I wake up around 6:30am and have a light breakfast. I coach from around 8 to 10am. Sometimes I get a quick run or work out in, and then I go to my meetings and do office work. I go back to work from around 5/6pm to 10pm.

My hours can be unsociable, so I usually eat outside, on the go. 

How do you relax after a long day at work?

I just crash!

One thing you do everyday without fail?

I train and coach every day.

One thing you can’t live without doing every day.


What one piece of clothing can you not live without?

My sweatpants and my Nike AirMax.

What are your thoughts about Concrete as a brand?

When I checked the collection, I was really impressed with the quality. The fabrics are all Italian and the fits are really nice. They fit the younger generation – slim fit, so it makes it feel contemporary.

Favourite Playlist – Songs

  1. Nas ft. Puff Daddy – ‘Hate Me Now’
  2. Desiigner – ‘Panda’
  3. Jay Z – ‘I just died in your arms tonight’
  4. Lil Wayne – ‘ The Sky is the Limit’
  5. Roy Jones – ‘Cant be Touched’

It’s a lot of a hip-hop.