Ahmed Hatem

He’s not only an extremely talented, successful, and young first-generation actor, but he also didn’t even have an interest in acting until he reached university!

His studies of mass communication was a backup plan in case he failed at acting, but with multiple successful movies and series, he surely doesn’t need plan b. Ahmed is a master of all characters on the screen.

24hrs With…

Whilst I’m working and shooting I don’t keep regular sleep patterns. Sometimes I sleep from 4am – 4pm, it’s all dependent on how my body feels. When I wake up, I take a good amount of coffee!

Before I became an actor I spent a lot of time with my friends, I’d also do a lot of swimming, which I still try and keep up now.

Where do you get your creative inspiration?

Staying in a nice house for a long time is really inspiring for me – I can get a lot of food for thought that way. Music is often an inspiration, especially Amr Diab.

How would you summarise what fashion is like in Egypt at the moment?

In Egypt, we don’t separate fashion or identity. We’re very expressive with our clothing.

Any favourite pieces of clothing from Concrete?

I love this wool cardigan. Its new to me – I don’t wear many classic styles. This one is casual and smart, so it’s really versatile and I can wear it with jeans or smart trousers. 

What are your three top travel destinations:

The first is Moscow. I love the city, and it’s a really easy-going place and the locals really make you feel welcome. Barcelona is another, I went last month and it was perfect. Really open-minded place with a good mix of people and cultures. Beirut is another favourite; I can’t really explain this one and do it justice – you just have to go!  

The one thing you take with you when you travel?

A small cross-body bag. Very small and easy.

Favourite fragrance?

Black XS Paco Rabanne, which to me is an old classic.